Why is the SON OF GOD issue vital?

Roger Malstead has produced a DVD* entitled:  “Is Jesus the Son of God? This question is absolutely vital to address, especially with Muslims.

Allow me to quote from Lesslie Newbigin 1909-1998) a renown British theologian, missiologist, missionary and author. Though originally ordained in the Church of Scotland, Newbigin spent much of his career serving as a missionary among the Tamils in India. He was asked to be one of the Church of South India‘s first bishops. He wrote:

“Even in the most elementary form, the preaching of the Gospel must presuppose an understanding of the triune nature of God. It is not, as we have sometimes seemed to say, a kind of intellectual capstone which can be put on to the top of the arch at the very end; it is, on the contrary, what Athanasius called it, THE ARCHE, (a first principle, the foundation) THE PRESUPPOSITION WITHOUT WHICH THE PREACHING OF THE Gospel in a pagan world cannot begin.”

No faith can command a man’s final and absolute allegiance, that is to say no faith can be a man’s real religion, if he knows that it is only true for certain places and certain people. In a world which knows that there is only one physics and one mathematics, religion cannot do less than claim for its affirmations a like universal validity’

If Jesus is not the eternal God-the Son, then He cannot be the Saviour, and we are therefore lost.

Let us now unite in prayer for the ministries who will utilize this film, that it will lead to thousands having barriers removed that they might “bow the knee” to our Saviour, the Son of God.
Encountering Theology of Mission.  Craig Ott, Stephen Strauss, & Timothy Tennent.
Baker 2010   p. 36

*The DVD is available from: www.JesusSonOfGodFilm.com